Play BabyBoom

What is BabyBoom ?

The Story So Far....

The year is 2999. You are hired to watch 1000 babies using automated day care technology. Everything is going smooth when disaster strikes. All 1000 babies escape the auto-care area, and its YOUR fault!!! You're in deep Poo Poo! Unless....... you can manage to return all the babies to the automated day care center... and, leave no evidence of this disaster. The security system of the building uses lasers to detect intruders. Luckly the babies are low to the ground, below the lasers.... However, if a baby touches a wall, door or furniture the security system will sound!

Its a long shot but what do you got to lose?

How to play:

The goal is to get the babies out of the rooms, without letting them touch ANYTHING!

Don't worry these are super babies and are all but indestructible, so they will never get hurt!!!

When you touch on a baby with the mouse pointer, she will rotate clockwise 1/4 turn, and continue crawling.  

By touching those little bundles of joy, you can manipulate them so they go to the exit location.  

If a baby touches a wall you lose.   Look for baby bottles and toys for extra points!   Good luck!!!

High Score

If you get a high enough score, it will be recorded, so you can go for the best score!

To maximize score try to take advantage of the bonuses given when babies exit close together..

You can speed up the babies by touch and hold the fastf forward >> button in the corner.

If you have comments or questions please email Babies at SmallBallApps