What is Fractoscope?

Fractals are a geometric pattern that is repeated at ever smaller scales to produce irregular shapes and surfaces that cannot be represented by classical geometry. Fractals have infinite complexity and beauty and Fractoscope allows you to explore these landscapes with your finger tips.

How to use Fractoscope

The app will start with the image just where you left it with the on-screen menu.

Main Menu active Hide Menu Browse... Activate Menu Menu active again

The browser

To move the screen, simply touch and slide on the screen. To zoom in or out, touch the screen with two fingers and change the distance between them. By bringing them closer together you can zoom out, making the visible part of the image smaller, by increasing the distance between your fingers you can zoom in, magnifying the current image. The calculation of the new image starts right after you lift your fingers. By touching the screeen with 3 fingers you can activate the menu. You can activate the menu with the single finger touch and hold, as an option.

The Menu

Load Save Detail Animation Number of colors Palette

The menu contains 6 buttons. The functions of the buttons are:
Color Depth
Color Mode

Exit the menu by touching the area outside the menu.

Here is a, video of an earlier version to show you how it works.

Go deep and have fun!