After pressing save you will be presented with 6 slots, that contain the previusly saved versions as thumbnails.

Pressing any of the above 6 slots the current image will save it, overwriting the previous stored image.

The operation can be cancelled by touching the area outside the slots.

The top 2 button are special.

to Photos

The Photos button save your image directly to your Photo Albums to the Saved Photos folder. This operation takes a while (like 3-4 sec), so please be patient.

to WWW

This button let you share your image with the fractoscope community. The process is not simple for the first time, but this 6 illustrated steps can help you.
Found a good image Activate Menu Select Save Select to WWW
Send it to the server Check the site Found your image on the site

The 4*6 character code on the upper half of the screen is the Fracto-Code, this enables you to share your image with your friends and post your image for all to see on the Fractoscope web site:

You can send the Fracto-Code to your friends via email or sms, or even jot it down using good ol' paper and pen.

entering code

You can enter the Fracto-Code by touching the Code field on the top of the screen. It's important to enter the codes accurately or they will not render.

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