What is SmallBall Pinball ?

Welcome the first SmallBall Pinball game: Grand Canyon. Not your typical pinball game, SmallBall pinball games are expansive and always have multiple boards to explore and solve. Designed specifically for mobile, hand held play. Touch anywhere on the screen to snap the flippers. Left side of the screen for all left side flippers and right side for all right side flippers. Touch the middle of the screen for both sides at the same time. That's it. Play for hours and rack up your high score which is posted to a public leader board for all to see. In addition to your score, multiple stats about your play are also transmitted so you can see where you rank in the world from different perspectives. Play for as long or short as you want. When you're ready to stop and tend to your life, simply quit out and your score and ball position is saved. Unlike the old fashion pinball games that your granddad used to play, SmallBall Pinball games are beatable. Figure out the kinetic puzzles, master your flipper skills to aim the ball to break through to the next level. In SmallBall Pinball games you don't ever lose your ball so play as long as you like and save your quarters for the laundry.

In the first of many, SB Pinball: Grand Canyon is themed after American National parks and the petroglyphs of ancient man which tell a story: Over 2000 years ago the land was visited by 5 beings from another land. They came from the same place of the sun and moon and stood as tall as the biggest trees. Fear among the people kept them away from the 5, but they watched closely. The people learned that the 5 beings came to their land to take some animals with them. They seemed sad and in need of the animals. They didn't kill them for food, just took them. But because they took so many animals they did not have enough room for all 5 in their sky boat so one stayed behind. It said the one left behind hides deep inside the rock of the canyon waiting to guide the accent of the animals once again.

October 1, 1908, Henry Ford said, "I will build a motorcar for the great multitude!" Not only creating the Model T, Ford perfected the assembly line allowing him to manufacture more cars than the 300 other auto manufacturers combined. By 1927 Ford was cranking out a car every 24 seconds. For $825 you could buy your self a reliable and easy to drive Model T.

We like to make a pinball game what is easy and fun to play to everyone. Welcome to the second episode of SmallBall PinBall: CARS.