Slice is a sinister action/puzzle game for the iPad platform (iPhone version coming soon). The goal of the game is to clear away layers of very sharp blades in order to expose red buttons. Push all the buttons in the proper order to clear each puzzle, but be careful -- you mustn't touch the edges of the blades or you will get SLICED! If you should fail, blood will spill onto the glass and the current puzzle will be reset.

The blades only move in special patterns that you, the player, must discover. You must often use multiple fingers to hold certain blades in place while others are manipulated. This game is really about trying to deduce the hidden behaviors of the blades; some of them can be rotated, some can be dragged. Some blades will ‘catch' when moved, while others never remain stationary. Some blades are fixed; some move on condition. Different behaviors may be associated with any blade shape. Unsettling, is it not?


The varying degrees of difficulty in Slice come from the different blade densities, shapes, and behaviors. Each of the puzzles introduces a single new behavior. The first level puzzle is easy and features blades that lock into place once they're moved. Subsequent levels introduce further behaviors, slowly teaching you the rules of the game. Once a blade behavior is mastered, the parameters governing that behavior (such as movement speed) are adjusted to provide a heightened challenge.

Tips and Tricks

Learn the ‘Shimmy the blade’ Technique

When attempting to retract a long blade covered by other hazards, there may be very little ‘safe' room in which to work. If you place one finger in that safe area and gently rub back and forth, the blade can be gradually ‘worked' in the desired direction.

The Menu Buttons

Each time you get sliced, a special logo is displayed in the upper right and the bottom left corners of the screen. Quickly touching both corners with these logos will show you the puzzle selection menu. Please note, if you leave the current level with this menu, it will not let you send the score later.

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Be careful when rotating your fingers

Sometimes, when you are using multiple fingers to solve a puzzle, you'll feel the need to turn your hands different directions. Take care so that the tips of fingers already holding blades do not work their way toward the dangerous blade edges!

Be careful of the edges of the iPad

Sometimes when you are sliding a blade you may slide your finger to the edge of the iPad, where it's black. At that point the blade will snap back into place, possibly slicing your other fingers. Be aware of the screen edges of your iPad.

Use your nose

When your fingers are all busy or its to much of a contortion to press the red button, use your nose - it works! Also feel free to ask a friend to lend a finger or two, it's not against the rules.


Slice features a world wide leader board. When you play your time is recorded by the game. If you beat the game you will have an opportunity to enter you name to appear on the leader board. Not only is your time recorded but how many times you got sliced and what your % of perfection is. Once you beat the game it's time to try to improve your time and climb the rankings.

Help for the Hopelessly Stuck

Slice can be devilishly difficult, but before you smash your iPad in frustration, consider viewing our complete play-through movie. SPOILER ALERT! This movie gives away many of the secrets behind Slice's hardest puzzles -- watching it will make playing Slice less interesting (but still very challenging)!