Enjoy the Slide!

Play HEXslide

 The goal
It is like the well known jigsaw puzzle.
The goal of the game is reorder the shuffled image.
After the image sliced and shuffled by the game, one of the piece being removed from the image.
Usually the bottom right piece.
This empty slot can be filled with any of the neighbourhood piece, just like slide it to the hole.
The ordering process can be done with these sliding actions.
You play against time. Faster is better!
Your game time is visible at the top left corner of the screen.
The state of the game is saved.
It means you can continue the game after an incomming call, just where you left it.

 The control
The sliding action can be controlled with 2 distinct method.
1.) Touch on the piece you like to move.
2.) Slide to the direction where you like to move a piece.

You can pause the game with any of these methods:
 - shake the device
 - touch with 3 finger
 - touch and hold with single finger
The pause can cancel with a simple touch of the screen.

 The screen
The top of the game screen is status bar.
While playing you can see 3 object in this status bar.
 - game timer
   touch makes the whole image same lighted
 - show/shuffle icon
   touch shows you the final ordered image
 - menu icon
   touch load the menu, this takes some second, please be patient..

 The menu
The manu has 3 page: Play, Race, Option
You can change between pages with the 3 icon at the bottom of the screen.

  Play menu

The 'Back' button takes you back to the game screen.
The 'Start' button, starts a new game with the new settings.
The 'Select Difficulty' controls the difficulty of the game with the number of pieces.
The 'Select Picture' selecting the picture you will play with.

The 'Best time' is stored for each picture in each level of difficulties.
So it is 64 different score you can store.
The switch bellow the 'Use My Picture' let you select one of you photo to play with.
You can touch either Select Photo or Select Shot buttons.

  Race menu

The 'Back' button takes you back to the game screen.
The 'Start Race' button, starts a public race against time.
The 'Difficulty' let you select which league you like to race.
The 'Player Name' let you title your public score.
The 'Best time' is your local best time.
The 'Send' button will publish your score.

 Options menu

The 'Back' button takes you back to the game screen.
The 'Show Blank' switch marks the empty piece. It is helpfull, if you have picture with black parts.

The 'Slide Control' switch let you decide between the touch and slide control.
-'Off' state means you can touch on the piece you like to move.
-'On' state meanse the you can select the direction of the motion

The 'Select Skin' let you change the color of the control (if you dont like red).

Options for elements:

'Element'  - the visualisation option of the edges of the pieces
-'Flat' no shade
-'Shaded' the edges shaded all the time
-'Auto' the shade disappear if the piece is in the right location, this helps a lot.

The method of shading of the edge can change with options:

'Color' - the color of the background between pieces
'Frame Width' - select the distance between pieces